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Mombasa Truck Driver Catches Wife with Another Man in Bed, Makes Them Eat Grass


Mwamburi was in Kampala delivering his employer's belongings at the time of the incident.On the other hand, the caller told him how he had seen his wife several times with unknown men.

"This made me very angry. I thought about going back to Mombasa to punish my wife but a friend asked me to calm down and use another method to hold their hand," he said.

As he sat thinking about which way to go, his friend in the transportation industry gave him a number.Mwamburi made the call and the caller was identified with the exception of Dr Okello Nyasi who later instructed him on what to do.

He followed the instructions and sprayed herbal medicine on his wife's clothes while she bathed.An hour later, he was called and informed that his wife had been caught in bed with her man by the side and was eating grass at a special club.

Rushing there, he found them groaning in pain while naked, blessed them and asked his wife to love his new lover and never to return to his house even though the couple had three children.He also assisted Pauline Inyanje of Ebusakami in Vihiga district with his herbal remedy that got him a job in the district government.

Pauline, a graduate of water engineering, was offered a job after a long struggle.She used to cultivate people's land until she ended up working as a house girl but one day luck came to her."While I was on my phone, a message came in, I quickly clicked in surprise, the story covered my case, I just called Dr. Nyasi, three weeks later I received an unusual call to go for an interview. .

Pauline added, "I always owe Dr. Nyasi, 3so wait, try your luck today, tomorrow you will live to witness,".Dr. Okello Nyasi is a well-known researcher, who specializes in herbal medicine;

He is skilled at healing people and acquiring thousands of buildings through his powerful traditional power.It also treats fibroids, stops the menstrual cycle beyond normal days, low sexual libido and can also increase masculinity.

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