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'The saddest pictures I have seen today, may God bless this child' said concerned Facebook user

The images of a boy who was seen doing homework on the streets has touched the hearts of many people, especially on social media.

Pictures of the boy, who looks sad and miserable, have spread on social media.when others saw these pictures, they were filled with sadness and remembered the hard times they once had lived under when growing up.

If you look at the pictures of the boy, it is clear that the situation at home is not good and that the power outage is having an effect. We know that many kids love to play that makes them to forget about their homeworks and then be forced to do it in the evening. These pictures have shown that many people are living under sad circumstances but because they are not able to speak openly no one can talk about the situations they are facing.

With elections approaching, all opposition parties have launched a campaign to canvass for votes, although they are well aware that they are not doing anything for the people when they are in office.The only thing they know is that they are exploiting people, deceiving them by promising them things they will never do

Turning off electricity, water is not a new thing that citizens complain about every day but the government, councilors and local municipalities simply ignore people's complaints.

Instead of changing, the situation it is getting worse in because no one cares about how people live, they only pretend to care about them only when it comes to the election times because they know they will be getting something in return.

The boy's condition has led him to do his homework here on the streets, this is clear to everyone not that he wanted to show off.The government does not look after the people it only cares about the people when they have to vote.

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