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Cop shot dead at SASSA payout point by robbers

If there are ygroup of people who go straight for their goal in South Africa, we have to list armed robbers and hitmen among them.

In one saddening incident which happened in the KwaZulu-Natal province today, armed robbers displayed the highest level of ruthlessness in their quest to rob money. At a time when elderly members of our communities are receiving their pension payout and grants, there is a group of criminals who see it as an opportunity for them to make money. In the south of Durban today, a gang of robbers descended at a pension payout point that was at one Post Office.

A police officer who was dressed in his uniform standing nearby the payment point was suddenly shot down by the ruthless criminals. They viewed the officer as an obstacle in their quest to getting the money.

After gunning down the officer who is a member of the South African Police Services, the robbers went on to loot money from the payout before they fled from the scene. Pensioners who were queueing up to get their money were left traumatized by this tragic incident.

They were left questioning what happened to the manners and courtesy parents go for years trying to instill into their kids. Should we blame it on the lack of employment opportunities in South Africa or it is a syndrome which has crept into the minds of the youth?

Paramedics declared the officer dead on the scene when they assessed him. An investigation is being carried out by the police officers as they seek to apprehend the suspects who are behind this attack.

Pension and SASSA payout points and now the prime targets for criminals. On each month, there are reports of attacks of payment points by armed robbers. More needs to be done to address the situation.

Calls are being made for more security to be put in place to avoid similar incidents in the near future.


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