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ANCYL Member Shares Disturbing Pictures Of A Mud-House Located In Nkandla

The former president of South African, Jacob Zuma in the spotlight as South Africans are beginning to learn of the issue of improper housing in Kwa-Zulu natal, Nkandla. Lack of conducive homes is one of the biggest problems in Nkandla and Jacob Zuma’s integrity is questioned as south Africans are wondering how is it that he was a president but failed to provide conducive homes around his neighbourhoods.

It all began when Sizophila Mkhize (a member of the ANCLY) shared pictures of an impoverished Nkandla based family of four, Sizophila explained that she and her colleagues came across this family while they were busy doing their door to door campaigns around Nkandla. She referred to the family as “Living under terrible conditions” and also mentioned how the ANCLY has decided to commit itself towards raising funds and building a conducive household for this family of four. “We will never rest while the dogs of the rich eat better than us” Siphokazi added.

Sizophila (And probably the rest of the ANCLY) did not receive the kind of reaction that she must have expected from South Africans on Twitter, they questioned her morality as a huge number of people seem to believe the ANCLY is only committing itself to build houses for people now that it’s the time for local elections. One user asked Siphokazi why is it that they only leant of the non-conducive household now even though it has been around for quite some time.

While people are questioning the sudden interest in building a home for the poor of the ANCLY, Jacob Zuma’s former presidency is also in question as he failed to provide proper homes during his nine years of presidency. One of the reasons Zuma is being questioned is the fact that he spent millions on a private homestead while the rest of his neighbours are staying in mud houses.

@KwenaMoloto subjected the ANCLY to shame when she used history as a reference, she mentioned the issue of how the EFF one built a house for one of Jacob Zuma’s neighbours and how that was supposed to be a wakeup call for the ANC regarding the matter of improper housing around Nkandla.

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