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Family Left Devasted After Encountering The Most Painful Carjacking

There was a car checking which took place in a certain distance whereby the residents were entering their yard as perpetrators arrived and enter also but on foot. 

The gate was about to close and then the perpetrator attempted to push it and then made a sign to the person who is closing it remotely to open it while he was holding a gun. The Residence was so terrified and they did as they were told the perpetrators took their possession and they are vehicle. 

It is really sad to watch your heart and money being taken from you just like that knowing that there is nothing you can literally do at the moment. Although it is not a good thing but at least no one was harmed a life is much better than materials. 

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Hopefully the vehicle has insurance and they also recognised the perpetrators so that they can report them to the law enforcement officers so that they can be apprehended.

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