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Woman Confesses Church Brainwashed Her To Have Sex With Snakes

A lady in Kenya has confessed how she was brainwashed into sleeping with snakes by her pastor. This is one of the bizarre stories as pastors are supposed to lead by example and protect their church members.

The woman shared the ordeal on a popular radio show Misha's morning show, the lady is just 26 and is Cecilia from the state of Umoja.

The lady was very poor and forced by being needy to do all these kinds of things which are full of demonic acts. She said has married more than three times and had been intimate with more than 80 men in her life.

She had terminated pregnancies more than she could remember. She dated rich men and we're all some type of sponsors.

 She was arrested by the year 2019 and while in prison she made a promise that she wants to change her life and live better.

She wanted to be saved which meant she must go to church but the church that she was introduced to was a Satan church. 

She was introduced to being intimate with spirits that will visit her like snakes and she will human meat. Wambui later enjoyed everything and seeing corpses in the morgue or just attending funeral services.


As she was being intimate with spirits she felt no need to date but just enjoy the moment with the spirit snakes. Even the pastor appeared in her dreams and would tell her to touch his male parts.


There are a lot of churches that are like Wambui's church in the world and they prey on young girls who come from poor families and promise them heaven and earth while they are destroying their lives and putting them deep in trouble.

Families must protect the girls from rich men who want to destroy their future.

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