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Road Accident

Foreigners And The Locals Helps Themselves With The Valuables Of The Accident Victims

Compassion is the thing of the past,people cares no more for each other.The world of selfishness has made it difficult for people to trust each other,people are working so hard to make the world a filthy place.Not that much could be said about love,loyalty and respect in today's world,the moral decadence situated deep in the hearts of individuals is of a great magnitude.One driver got his car flying and rolling after being hit by another car that was coming the opposite way,the car came behind Toyota quantum which successfully managed to pass through without causing an accident,the polo driver seems like he's been following quantum without observing side ways.The people around the scene ran to the car that was involved in the accident and quickly turning it back to the normal position without even caring about the injuries the driver might have suffered,some started puting in their hands in the car and taking some valuables,the car was crowded to a point that someone from the distance could see it.Some of the bystanders were trying to help the driver at the same time.It is quite surprising how a huge number of people ran to the car after it made few turns before becoming static,it was like they knew that there'll be an accident and were waiting for it.

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