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Be warned: Robbery syndicate goes viral after doing this to motorists

Cases of robbery being reported in South Africa on each and every day. The nation was made known of the ills that our citizens are facing after several reports of a similar nature were made.


In a tweet that was shared by one user narrating the ordeal her aunt suffered in the hands of criminals, there were calls for an increase in presence of security.

After going through a thread which was shared on the social media platform, one could not deny that robbers are doing anything just to get what they want. You have to be vigilant and alert whenever you are in South Africa as someone might be looking forward to getting your treasured asset.


In this incident, after a gang of robbers had jammed the locking system of a vehicle and stole a handbag which contained cellphones.


The incident is said to have occurred on the morning of the 22nd of September 2021 at a service station in the Gauteng Province. Face of the suspect was clearly visible after he got captured on CCTV camera.

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The user should social media as she posted, "My aunts car was jammed at Engen on Grant Avenue Johannesburg this morning.

These are the people that jammed her car, stole her bag and phones."

Suggestion began pouring in from all corners of the nation as the fate which befell on innocent citizen was shared. It is always necessary to make sure that the doors to your car are locked as you leave it.

However, when criminals use a signal jammer, as you try to lock your door, the key jams and you might think it actually locked when in fact it has not. That click sound that you hear as you lock your door may indeed sound. It is advisable to cross check after locking your doors.

Signal jammers are being used by robbers go interfere with the signal that comes from your key to your car. Once it interferes they will let you walk a distance before they pounce on your vehicle at take whatever they wish. At times they may even steal your car too!


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