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Plane Crash

Where is Ubuntu? Take a look at what people did after a plane had crashed

The moral fiber of our society just no longer exists. Is it because we all see how much our leaders take and we have no compassion for them? What the human race is becoming is a real issue following the recent events in Cape Town. Tuesday soon before 18:00 local time, a small aircraft crashed at Lower Crossroads, Cape Town.

JP Smith, a member of the mayor's committee on safety and security, stated that he believes both occupants were hurt, but that more details would be provided. The response of emergency services to the incident. Photos of the situation depicted a large number of locals surrounding the plane, with some even standing on its wings. One would assume that the individuals who hurried to the scene were there to assist. No, they went in order to pillage and steal from the victims.

This is embarrassing, to put it mildly. What have we become without Ubuntu? What social media indicate: @BatiBati This is the mafia robbing an airplane. The inhabitants of this country are revolting. @Mdlozman Soon, anarchy will be unleashed; nothing can stop it now. @LucyM SA It baffles me that people (if you can call them that) would be so cruel and Neanderthal-like as to do this. It is, to say the least, revolting. @RogerFraser There is not a single remaining moral fiber in the general populace of this country. I suppose they've learned from their leadership. Is it indigence? As if crashing weren't horrible enough in South Africa, you will be robbed if you are lucky enough to live. With gratitude to the crooked government There have been numerous accidents in which witnesses did not assist the victims. People are always more concerned with looting than with injured victims. We just witnessed individuals robbing cargo trucks amid floods. They did not care whether they would drown or not. What is happening in our nation? Is there poverty?


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