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HAWKS Shouldn't End Their Investigations With Sports Ground Alone In Eastern Cape...OPINION

I really hope the HAWKS investigations doesn't stop with the Enoch Mgijima's R15 million sports ground. 

A lot of immoral acts, mismanagement of funds can be discovered. The town has fallen on its knees begging to be rescued from these law breakers masquerading as politicians. It needs complete infrastructural renovations.

Investigators should be sent for a week in that area and trust me, a lot can be found and exposed, and lives of many jobless, poor people of Queenstown could possibly be changed for the better. 

Thanks to this sports ground epic, the days of crooks in Queenstown are now numbered, finally. 

01. Roads are a complete mass, both in town (Queenstown), except for Cathcart road, meant to confuse a passer-by. Suburbs are even worse, Westbourne is a great horror, streets lights not working and the level of crime increased significantly. 

Red Guard Security company would freely provide you with statistics. Potholes are everywhere, in each and every streets, and no place in this country has potholes as you would find in Queenstown. 

Top town another disaster, what use to be the most respecte and historical Suburb in Queenstown, with very attractive buildings, sports ground less than the one in Lessyton, surrounding the famous high-schools that produced the most talented legends, now looks like an abandoned place. 

The rest of the town is an example of an experiment gone wrong. This however includes roads going to small towns and nearby locations such as Queensdale (Ezibeleni) and Whittlesea. 

2. The only thing they pride themselves of is the two already ageing Nonesi and Lukhanji mall. Old buildings owned by Pillay and other white families remain an untouchable topic. Even the attractive monumental structure in the centre of Queenstown, which use to be famous, and would beautify the town is also no longer working, there’s just nothing working well, absolutely nothing. 

3. Jobs for the young and old are given to friends and family member of comrades. We are graduates and have moved to other towns and cities to get jobs.Need I say more.

Please investigate this town, PLEASE. Whether through a documentary or investigative journalism, PLEASE.


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