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Road Accident

TRAGIC|| Man Jumps On A Busy Road From The Bridge, Video Heartbreaking.

07/11/2021, 12:30

Another very tragic incident just happened on a busy road and motorists are left traumatized.Apparently a man jumped on a busy road from top of a bridge and a speeding car crashed him.In the video shared on Twitter, the man is seen trying to end his life by jumping off the bridge and when someone approached to help.

The man quickly jumped from the bridge to the busy road of which cars are moving in high speed.

The video is heartbreaking and sensetive people are adviced not to watch it at all.The incident is very horrifying and the man definitely lost his life immediately he touched the ground.According to what is happeninh and people taking their own lives by jumping off bridges & buildings.Seemingly a lot of South Africans are going through depression and in a different way.

The man must have been going through a depression and that led to such an extent that he took his own life in a very horrific way.

To watch video, click on the link:

Pictures captured from video!

Source: Thabelo Iven02

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