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"We suffer silently until it's too late" Man commits suicide

"We suffer silently until it's too late" Another man commits suicide

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A man from Muldersdrift has allegedly set himself on fire after feeling overwhelmed by life altogether. The actual reasoning behind why he decided that suicide was a safer option than life still remains unknown as police are still on the task of identifying who the said man is.

According to community members who saw the car go up in flames, fire services only arrived on scene after 45 minutes. This just reflects how terrible living conditions are in our country because if the fire department arrived any sooner, the man would at least not have burnt beyond recognition.

Men on the TL took the event as a stabbing reminder that they go through the pits silently and never really have the platform to share their depression. Instead, they suffer silently until they have no option but to commit suicide. As much as some people may think of suicide as an "easy" option taken by "weak" people, I think that it's a tough and brave decision taken after all alternatives have been exhausted. As much as it reflects on the remaining family painfully, the person who commits suicide finds peace in knowing they don't have to suffer anymore.

On the TL, men shared their horrors and desires to actually have a place to speak up as many feel like throwing in the towel.

Another guy in debt said as a solution to take out his family from the money problems, he thinks of taking his life so that the family can survive from the policies he has for them 🥺😢 @Vc_Vncm

Men are dying in silence, but that's not the topic the society is ready to deal are told to toughen up and not be cry babies

Men are going through a lot @Moratoa

Can we find a way for men to open up?


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