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Bathabile Dlamini spits fire after Enyobeni tavern tragedy. Look at what she said about alcohol laws

The situation at the Enyobeni tavern hurts the hearts of every parent. The incident in the Eastern Cape that killed 21 young people was caused by alcohol. Many South Africans now see alcohol as a very dangerous enemy. The question that comes up is whether or not South Africa has an alcohol problem. There are things that happen every year that make what is supposed to be a happy time of year sad and painful for some people. Concerns should be raised about how using drugs and alcohol has become a synonym for having fun.

Bathabile Dlamini, who used to be South Africa's Minister of Social Development, has taken to Twitter to complain about the country's alcohol laws. "South Africans, I have to say that what happened in East London makes me angry. South Africans made fun of me when we tried to change alcohol laws because they thought I drink. It's time to change the laws about drinking, because our kids are getting hurt. Let's not give up, and it's time for things to change ", Bathabile Dlamini said. We must all work together to make life better for everyone. This means that we should never let alcoholism, drug abuse, or the illegal sale of drugs threaten the safety of our country.

Some people said that Bathabile Dlamini had a drinking problem at some point in her life. Dlamini denied over and over again that she drank too much. She even said that she has seizures and has never had a drink. She said that she was worried about people who drank too much, and that people who said she was an alcoholic were hurtful.

Bathabile Dlamini's plan to fix the mess at the Enyobeni Tavern is not to change the laws about drinking. Are the laws the only thing going wrong? What about police that don't do their jobs well, high unemployment, no business safety checks, young people who don't have a voice, a lack of places to play that are right for their age, and bad school buildings? This isn't about making laws different. It's about enforcing the laws that are already in place, like the Liquor Board License requirements and police work.

I don't think that changing the laws about alcohol will help or make a difference. What does she say about the rights of children? Our government gives our children too many rights.


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