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Road Accident

Community allegedly burnt a tax for being forced to leave their cars and use taxis

Community members in North West set taxis alight after they stopped from using their private cars to work. They wanted to force them to use taxis.

The community in the North west province are reported that they allegedly burnt a taxi for being forced to leave their cars to use taxis. So the allegation is that they retaliated against taxi drivers, and burn one of the taxis. This is one thing that the taxi drivers do not understand, though the community that respects them.

They think that they are the most violent people that should be feared, but the community is more in numbers than taxi drivers. If you can check in a taxi there is one driver against 13 to 15 passengers, that tells you that the community always out numbers the number of taxi drivers. So even if it was in any decent community in South Africa, they wouldn't allow themselves to be bullied by taxi drivers like that. People should not be forced to use taxi, just because taxis wants to make money, that is very ridiculous.

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