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Theft robbery

2 Fidelity Security Guards Stop 15 CIT Heist Suspects


It is completely disappointing that we are in such a situation where the perpetrators of crimes are going to put the ordinary members of the public’s lives in danger, to such an extent where we are going to see them do horrible crimes.

The security guards did very well to defend themselves against those suspects because the unknown number suspect simply came out of nowhere and it was simply like an ordinary busy day, but as it turns out it was the suspects who were busy doing their criminal acts.

As soon as the security guards for the cash in transit came out of the garage in order to put the money inside the cash van, The suspects then proceeded to jump out of nowhere and perpetrate their robbery.

We saw them assaulting the security guards of the CIT van and that is when they decided it was time to go and put the car in reverse, crashed into the vehicle of the suspect before he changed direction to flee the scene.

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