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Husband and wife relationship

Breadwinner bites off husband finger.

When A man from Embakasi said that he pinched his wife's cheek, she slapped him and chewed off his little finger, the court was stunned.

Kelvin Gadisa, who showed the court his damaged finger, said the event happened while he, his wife, and an unknown soldier were having a good time.

"A buddy of mine requested my wife to go wash her clothes.

"She departed and met a man who claimed to be a military while at her friend's house. He informed her that he had finished his shift and was ready to mingle.

"They eventually joined me, and I introduced myself to the soldier as my wife's brother since I had noticed that he liked her, and I didn't want to ruin what was going on, especially since my wife was the breadwinner," he explained.

Gadisa told the court that he chose to keep his cool in order for things to go well.

He claimed that the atmosphere in his room soon became comfortable. His prayer was soon answered when drinks were delivered.

"We had a good time and drank the drinks that the officer bought us until late in the evening." We were all inebriated, and what bothered me was the fact that my wife had failed to wash the garments that had been requested.

"I knew we'd go to bed hungry, so I told her she couldn't drink any more alcohol," he told the court.

He said that his wife was having an affair with the soldier, which irritated him because he was the man of the home. He pinched her on the face, enraged, to prevent her from continuing to entertain the soldier.

"In response, she grabbed my finger and bit it off before slamming a bottle in my face," he added, holding up his bitten finger.

The investigating officer told the court that she needed more time to take statements, assist the victim with medical care, and complete a P3 Form.

The court ordered three-day detention orders awaiting a hearing on May 20.

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