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South African celebrity asking fans to perform their poverty

A pan Africanist, a Feminist, an Atheist, a geographer and avid reader Mahlatsi Malaikatook to social media to express her feelings about a post Makhadzi shared on Facebook about R500 food vouchers.

" This is the part about social media that I absolutely HATE! This is disgusting and immoral. What kind of person does this to people? This woman ectively asking people to perform the poverty, to engage in poverty Olympics to demonstrate who is poorer, whose story is more sad, and on that basis she will award them with a food voucher. Why is this okay? Why is okay to dehumanise people and reduce them to beggars just so you can promote your album? People deserve food because they're hungry. It is as simple as that. Some of us have ran huge food voucher campaigns and not once have we asked people to tell us why they deserve food or send us photos to prove their stories. We recognize that in a country where almost half the population is unemployed, food insecurity is bound to be lived reality for millions of people. Instead of helping them with absolute sincerity, you want to reduce them to figures of pathos, to dehumanise them. Must someone take photos of their child in plastic bags to prove that they're poor and don't have nappies? Must someone tell you how they have chronic condition and have had nothing to eat, and maybe even post medical reports of their illness, for you to deam them worthy of being helped? You can't just give food ouchers because someone is hungry, they mus deserve to eat?

I'm so upset by this, I don't understand why poor people most always subjected to performances of their poverty before they are helped. Makhadzi don't do this to our people. These are human beings that you are reducing to some self promotion! And learn that when you help people, always leave their dignity intact ALWAYS".

Makhadzi is not the only artist that does this, many celebrities do.What is your take on this, please do leave your comment

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