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A serious warning for people around this area after 4 boys got killed by strangers for no reason

With everything that's happening now, we have to deal with people who kill people for no reason. What has our world come to? Not long ago South Africa went through the trauma of malls being burned down, people getting killed in Phoenix now this. why does it look like people have a lot of anger and hate? Or could it be this year? it's not a good year, why do old people think it's ok to go around killing people for no reason.

People around Ekhurhuleni in Gauteng are living in fear after something painful and scary happened after a guy shared some news that something bad happened on Saturday night, that got people even more scared and worried.

A man took to his social media account to tell people to be careful and stay safe, as now they fear for their lives as no one knows what is happening in Gauteng. It's alleged that there's a grey car that's going around shooting people for no reason. And the man claims that 4 boys were shot on Saturday night at a place called Smiling tree a place that sells alcohol and amongst those boys who got shot his brother was also there and he died from that shooting.

Now people are living in fear as they fear for their lives, the fear of being killed not knowing, being killed for something you don't know. And going through the comments someone also commented that the same thing happened at someplace around Katlehong as well, where they heard gunshots but lucky enough no one got hurt.

People should take this as a serious warning because no one knows when will this person do this again, the only thing we must do is to stay safe and be careful. And the painful part about this whole thing is that no one knows who are these people and what they want. And you can't even be more careful because you might get shot going to the store. I guess people must avoid going out at night because these things normally happen at night.

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