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Family Wakes Up to A Traumatic Event In Alex, Johannesburg

Mashonisa kills wife with a screwdriver

An Alex man, said to be “Mashonisa” a loan shark, has killed his wife. Community members heard about the incident from the other members of the community, and they took matters into their own hands.

The community members came together and headed straight to the premises where the man stayed and then they started beating him up after what he had done, in order to teach him a lesson to not beat up women or kill them.

He was left unconscious by the time the community was done with him, the whole incident was very horrific because they beat him with anything that they could get their hands on and they also proceeded to show him that he wasn’t who he thought he was.

The incident occurred at second Roosevelt, unfortunately the wife died on scene after being stabbed with a screwdriver. The circumstances which led to this incident are not known, but it is quite clear that the incident is very shocking to community members and to everyone who was on site and who had witnessed the horrific scene.

This is something that the country is dealing with and they're trying by all means to stop it, but it seems to have been occurring at a very alarming rate where we hear about such news on a daily basis coming from every province around the country.

Law enforcements were called to the scene in order to witness the whole incident and to also stop the community members who were taking it too far with the man, they wanted to beat him up so badly that he was incredibly injured.

Police were called to the scene in order to assist and to arrest the suspect for having killed his wife, but he was so incredibly hurt that they had to take him to hospital first and emergency services came to the scene to assist the wife and they pronounced her dead on scene.

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