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23 Years Old Girl Caused A Stir After Posting Photos Of her “At Work Vs At Home”


Nothing compares to the satisfaction that comes from witnessing young people thrive. We live in a world where it is quite difficult to locate a young lady who is interested in building or agriculture. Our generation has been swept away by the advancements in technology and fashion. Everyone wants to be able to work from home, and everyone wants to be a leader in their field. The use of social media has damaged our generation to the point where, if we don't change, we'll be locked in poverty for the rest of our lives. This is dedicated to all of the females out there. Nothing compares to being one-of-a-kind. We are no longer living in the 1960s, when males were expected to provide for their female companions. You have to pay your own bills, sister, and you will not be able to do so if you continue to spend your entire day indoors flexing on social networking platforms. 

I wrote this post because I believed that it deserved to be seen by as many people as possible. In the world of social media, there's a young and gorgeous lady by the name of phuti who has been making waves with her images taken at work. Phuti is a construction worker who is so proud of her job that she routinely publishes images of herself in work attire on her social media accounts. Take a look at some of her work images below: 

In today's society, it is extremely rare to come across a woman who is proudly employed on a building construction site. The majority of young women are too indolent and self-conscious to work on building sites. Dreams and bright futures have been tainted by the so-called social position of a person. Working in the construction industry does not cause people to look down on you because you are a woman. Instead, we applaud him for taking a stand and refusing to go with the flow, just like phuti did. 

Many people were taken aback when phuti shared images of herself when she wasn't at work on social media. The entire social media world was turned upside down, and men went crazy over her stunning photograph. See more photographs of her in more casual attire in the gallery below:

Take a look at how people reacted after she uploaded her images on Tweeter: 

Phuti is extremely fashionable and possesses excellent fashion sense. This demonstrates that you can remain true to yourself no matter what type of work you have or where you live. You can continue to be the most attractive woman in your town. Following all of this, I made the decision to create a collection of her photographs taken both at work and outside of work.


As black media, we’ve always vowed to give you the best of fashion and beauty, so today we decided to give it to you in the form of motivation. Thank you for the love and support and guidance you've shown us. We promise to always deliver quality and informative articles on fashion and beauty. Please continue to guide us by commenting, liking, and sharing our posts. God bless you.

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