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Watch| Chaos As The ANC Is Being Chased Away By People

Many people are not happy when it comes to the service delivery that is given by the ANC government. Every time when it is about to be elections promises are made and they are not fulfilled at the end of the day. People have been waiting for the things that they were promised many years back. People have protested so many times but nothing changed and they were taken as if they are hooligans therefore this is now time for them to choose what they want for themselves.

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These images of heavy pregnant ladies sitting and sleeping on the floor in hospital caused a huge stir on media. It is extremely disheartening to see such treatment being given to people who are in such a state. People are also unhappy about the fact that they were placed on lockdown last year and nothing was done for meet them halfway. A lot of people struggle to get food and pay for their rent therefore it led them to end up borrowing money from banks.

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