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As Members Of Shembe Gathered On The Street Of Durban. See What Was Spotted On Them. Unbelievable.


They have been the worst thing that have been happening in the Streets of Durban and most of the African people are reacting to it because they have never seen this coming to them. It looks like those people in their strike him or something because they cannot be that many on the street. This is showing us that in Durban things are going down and people need to make sure that they stay home because there might be the worst that happens. I can tell that this is what so many people love to see because they love seeing conflicts happening.

We all know that soon enough we'll be hearing the bad about those busy people toying in there. This is heartbreaking because most people are doing this kind of things without realizing that they might end up losing their lives for the things that they weren't supposed to attend in the first place. Social media people are saying that the police should make sure that they interfere before we could hear of any bad thing since we are tired. We don't even know where we would run away from all of this because the community is always fighting to see themselves doing good.

This is what is happening mostly when someone doesn't want to change their community, even when they're seeing that they are the ones in charge. So many leaders have lost their lives because they couldn't do what their resident were demanding from them. Most of these people 1 US to vote for them when they get the opportunity, they start acting as if you're nothing to them. That's why some people are ending up taking it far because they can see that those people are thinking that they are stupid or something. We all know that is not perfect to be played, especially when you have done something for that person to be in the position where he is.

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Durban Shembe


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