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Road Accident

Watch tax drivers were seen brutally beating an uber drive

Tax drivers were brutally seen beating an uber driver, it is not clear what the motive was, but I can see the car of the uber driver has gone off the road. As you can see that the front bumper is already out of place, and the view mirror of the car of the tax Association is damaged.

So I don't know whether this was over an accident, or the taxi drivers themselves they made the accident to happen, so that they can get to the uber driver. So it may be possible that he has been taken out of the road by force, because if he would have realised that it was the tax Association that was going after him, he would have tried to get away.

Unless he wanted to act as some kind of a hero. It could be also that these guys have been targeting him for so long, they were just waiting for the right time to strike. This is what is happening, it should not be encouraged for any reason or whatsoever. Its a crime, we just hope that justice may be served accordingly on behalf of this uber driver. It is so sad the kind of the anger that our taxi drivers have against other drivers.

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