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Why is the Missing Black Man not getting as much attention as the Missing indian Woman. Opinion.

When someone goes missing, we would like to think that people do everything they can to find them. Regardless of their age, gender or race, the goal is to try and get a missing person home to their family. However recently I noticed a strange phenomenon. Where a missing Indian Woman was given much more attention than a missing Black man. Here are all the details and what we can take away from this.

The situation :

Yesterday RUSA (Reaction Unit South Africa) posted information on two missing people one after the other. The first victim was a twenty six year old man named Nicolas Ndlovu. Later last night I took this screen shot that showed how many people had reacted, commented and shared the post.

As we can see, the time of the screenshot is 10:26 and there had been sixty six reacts, three comments and sixty shares.

At the same time I had taken a screenshot of the post for the second victim Preesha Ramsarup. The difference shocked me.

The post for her gained two hundred and seventeen reacts, fifty seven comments and one hundred and eighty nine shares. Here's why this bothers me.

My Opinion :

I want both of these people to get home to their families, because their race and gender do not matter to me. However from the way people shared these posts, it's clear that the Indian Woman has higher chance of being found, eve thought her post was put up second.

This is because more people shared her post on other pages or their own, more people are looking for her, as opposed to the young man.

I would like to urge South Africans to treat all missing cases the same, regardless of who they are.

Tell me your opinion on this in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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