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Lia Killed By Bashing Her Head With A Golf Club

Not a single day goes by in South Africa without hearing or reading about a gruesome murder of a woman, when you go through the headlines, you are bound to come across some heart wrenching stories about a certain woman who was found dead, stories that would make your blood boil, it has now become an order of the day to hear about the terrible death of a woman who is killed in this country, they live in fear everywhere they are, at home, at work, when walking down the streets, they know something could happen any minute.

A 45 year old from Benonj in Gauteng by the name of Lia was reported found dead in Delmas In Mpumalanga, not anywhere near where she lives, her life less body was discovered on the side of the road.

According to Keep The Energy, A iya Adeline was found in Mpumalanga on the Water trench, she was half naked when she was found. It is reported that she was found with her top on her side, she was reportedly hit on the side of the head with a golf club.

"Lia Anita Adeline, a 45 year old woman from Benoni, Gauteng, was found on the side of the N12 near Delmas, Mpumalanga, Lia was found lying in a water trench only wearing a pair of pants. Her top, keys and bed sheet was found lying nearby. It is alleged that she was killed by being hit on the side of her head with a golf club. No one has been arrested," the publication reports.

South Africa is under a heavy dark cloud of Gender based violence that is hovering over our heads, the women and children live on the mercy of men they live with, they don't know who to trust anymore since some of them are killed by the only people they trust for security and protection.


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