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Limpopo: Suspect Of Malamulele Police Station Robbery And ATM Bombing Arrested With Weapons See Here

#sapsLIM Provincial Commissioner commends arrest of 10 suspects allegedly involved in Malamulele police station robbery and ATM bombings. 11 Firearms, ammo and explosives recovered. #TrioCrimes ME

people will remember that one of the police station in Limpopo was robbed by people not so long ago robbing the police station is a serious crime because police station is where people are supposed to get help and once you rob them you are destroying the little hope of the society that they have on police department.

something need to be done to ATM in South Africa because they're always victim of such crime this put our economy at risk because building another ATM Is Expensive.

below comment made by people who are also following this story on the South African police service account on Twitter please also comment what do you think should be done to make sure that South Africa is safe from such crime.

These robberies can only be done by trained personnel, where on earth does a civilian know how to assemble explosives and use such ammo.

Where do criminals get this explosives ? Who are these suspects, glad you arrested them.


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