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Rumani, the master of cleaning dirty pictures, sends a girl in swimwear down the drain.

He is know as the cleaner on the TL and he has some mad photoshop skills. The Cleaner has done it again, remember that saying, be careful about what you ask for, well one lady learned that lesson the hard way after she became another victim to Rumani's reign of cleaning up the TL streets.

Rumani is a social media superhero to many, thanks to his exceptional Photoshop skills. One lady recently post some nice pictures of herself in a swimwear and the cleaner was not having any of that. He went straight to doing what he does best, cleaning, he cleaned the picture by sending the young lady down the drain.

A lot of Twitter users had a good laugh at this as some felt the judgement was painfully hilarious. No one is safe from being Photoshoped by Rumani as long as you post what is deemed dirty by him.

The cleaner has struck again and this lady wherever she l don't think she will be recklessly posting swimwear pictures anytime soon.

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