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Clothes worth R3000 lost at Venda PeP store parcel delivery, Please be careful when using PAXI

09 August 2022


A lady went to social media crying after Pep workers told her that her parcel went missing. A lady on Facebook that she won a voucher from H&M last month. So this month on the third she bought clothes and sent them to her siblings at home. The clothes worth R3000, she used the pep paxi to send them.

The cashier asked her what she was sending and she told her it was just clothes only. She then paid R130 for a big bag which was supposed to take 3 to 4 days process. Today she checked paxi tracking and it was saying under investigation.

She heard to call them and ask what was going on. The workers didn't find it necessary to call her early to tell her that the parcel was lost. If she didn't check the tracking app she was never going to know what was happening with her clothes.

She called them and they told her that her clothes were lost at the pep store at Thohoyandou where she sent them. And they said they will compensate her with only R500 for clothes that worth R3000 because there is nothing they can do now. The lady want help on what to do.

She is actually not the only one who have lost clothes while using paxi. The other lady shared her story too that they once opened her paxi beg and stole some clothes. When the parcel arrived some clothes were already missing. And these people do not get punished for this thing.

People need to be careful that they dont send expensive things using paxi because some workers are thefts. This lady has lost clothes that worth R3000 and nothing can be done. The store just said there are still investigating the case and they don't know when it will be solved.

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