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Months After the Death of TB Joshua: See What is Happening at SCOAN, Allegedly People Are Dying

Its been months since the death of TB Joshua.His sudden death left everyone shocked because he was perfectly fine then the next thing he was gone .Until today its still a mystery what happened to him .Some people believe that TB Joshua was using dark powers for power and they got taken away and thats why he died .

His church the SCOAN is still operating until but there has been struggles on ownership.A court case was even held when certain people were fighting for the church in the end it was given to his wife Evelyn Joshua .

Strange things have been happening at TB Joshua's church ever since he passed on .Apparently members of the SCOAN began losing their children mysteriously. See the post that went viral below.

Its suspected that the main reason why all of this is happening is because TB Joshua was in a cult and nowits going after the children of the church members .

All of this is confusing because TB Joshua has preaching the word of God for years .Because now he is dead people start accusing him of using dark powers .The bible says a kingdom divided by itself cannot stand.So how can TB Joshua have been preaching the words of God and using dark powers ar the same time. People are just finding ways to tarnish his name even at his death.

Whatever that is going on at the SCOAN people must not say its because TB Joshus was using dark powers because there is no proof of that and such allegations can get people in huge trouble .

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