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Eskom Shares Schedule Of When It Will Implement Stage 2,4 And 6 These Coming Days

Eskom's implementation of load shedding is one of those issues that citizens cannot deal with but must face. Load shedding is something that has been implemented for years. It started in the year 2007 and it is still something that citizens are experiencing. Even though it started so many years ago, people can not still get used to the fact that they have to go through days without electricity for the whole day.

Load shedding is implemented because of the power grids that are supplying electricity to all citizens in South Africa under pressure, and because they have been in existence for many years as well, they are unable to function the way they functioned before. The only solution to load shedding that can be solved is when additional power stations and generators are added. But unfortunately, it seems like this electricity issue will be something that citizens are still going to face for years to come.

Load-shedding affects many things in the country and also economic activities, which means that businesses suffer from this because they are unable to carry out their objectives for the day when there is no electricity supply. Students also struggle with this, especially when they have to do their online learning and studying. People who also use electricity for their health problems also suffer a lot from this, and it puts people under extreme danger. Citizens have also complained that their appliances get messed up because of the continuous switching on and off of electricity and that food also goes to waste.

But unfortunately, South Africans have to live with the fact that load shedding is something that will continue happening and in the winter months it seems to be even much worse because the demand for electricity is higher. Since last week, Eskom implemented stage 2 load shedding and it has changed to stage for load shedding, which means that many areas get power cuts 3 times a day. 

The sad news is that eskom announced that it will be implementing stage 6 load shedding. Citizens have been reacting to the news, obviously upset that they will have to sit through four hours a day without electricity. Eskom then shared a schedule on their twitter account of when it will implement stages 2, 4, and 6 in the coming days and citizens will just have to prepare and brace themselves.

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