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Revealed: Bra Max Mqadi finally opens up about his shooting, here is what happened

Brah Max Mqadi opens up about his shooting on Ukhozi FM. From 04:00 into the audio, the restaurant owner speaks about what happened the day he was shot.

Photo: google photos

He says it was a normal business day until he saw about 10 cars that were coming I got work coming in and out of his business establishment that day.

Photo: google photos

He further said the people in the cars pretended as if they were normal customers and tourists as they were taking pictures of the infrastructure so bad he became suspicious at some point.

Photo: google photos

When he was leaving the premises he saw one of the men across the road. Before he knew it 15 bullets were ambushed on him while in his car buy two of the men. He ducked the bullets by lying his body down in his car about his hand and thigh were hit by a bullet.

Photo: google photos

The bullet that was aiming on his head was saved by his phone which was in the hand by the time of shooting, when he had to focus and fight for his life. Brave enough Bra Max managed to escape with his car and drove himself to the hospital.


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