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SA attack Cyril that he attends funeral in EC but no response to petrol price in SA, see reactions


Cyril is attacked by SA because he visits a funeral in EC, yet there is no response to the high price of gasoline in SA.

He will reportedly attend a funeral in Enyobeni's EC. When you see him there, kindly say le monyobe.

We've had enough of this man.

He is attending the burial but has never spoken to us about the problems we are having with the rising cost of gas and load shedding, etc. He spoke to us about COVID-19 right away. Become accustomed to following "this dude." The Zumaites will never be in charge of the ANC or of this nation. He never went to the funeral for the victims of the Marikana tragedy, but he decided to come. Cyril's playground, EC, is where they obtain the majority of ANC votes! Really unsettling people are Xhosas. You can run for office as many as you want, but you will DISMALLY fail. On Twitter, Jacob Zuma's supporters can create noise, but they have little influence outside of it. There are a lot of idiots on Twitter, and reality is outside. Despite your calls, Cyril was in KZN and was given a hearty welcome. Holding your breath is pointless since those EC zombies are stooges. You almost forgot that we were grieving the loss of our recent victims, our young people, while you were busy insulting us. We will welcome our president with humility, so feel free to say whatever you want about us.

EC Wow, my sister, you must be dreaming. Here, we back President Ramaphosa. You and Mampara Andile are the ones that support RET.

You will recite my remarks on Monday. I believe you ought to personally go there and set an excellent example. Do you actually want changes or examples? I get it; you were just tweeting random things in exchange for likes and retweets because you're unsure of what you want. We won't let you go; you'll always be our brother.

She and her father will be having FINE cocktails.

The events of previous year in KZN will not repeat themselves in this EC. EC is not for politics; it is for the grieving families. Please, do not wage your political wars on this sorrowful day, EC people. This child must be buried with honor, and this family needs assistance. For the families only.

EC is going to let you down once more, just like it did on June 16. If you're a dog, you'll even politicize a child's funeral service because people are upset and this mgodoyi is only concerned with gaining political advantage. Dudu uyinja is a fact.

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