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Road Accident

Alleged street racing and drifting incident leaves two people injured in Durban.

Durban - Two persons were sent to the hospital after an alleged street racing and drifting incident occurred just before midnight on Sunday.

The purported street racing and drifting were apparently captured on camera, which has gone popular on social media.

The incident took place in the area of the junction of Umgeni Road and Intersite Avenue, according to witnesses.

When asked about the incident, a representative from Emer-G-Med stated their paramedics, together with Netcare 911, responded to a major motor vehicle crash.

Upon arrival, paramedics discovered that two automobiles had collided at high speed and with significant impact, with one of the vehicles off the lane and plowing into a gathering of people, according to Van Reenen & Associates.

"According to reports from the site, two persons were hurt, one of them was badly injured. According to Van Reenen, "they were treated and stabilized on the scene before being sent to a neighboring hospital for further treatment."

"It is suspected that the event is connected to illegal street racing activities in the region, but this is purely hypothetical and will form the basis of a SAPS inquiry," says the spokesperson. "

During an alleged street racing incident, two automobiles crashed at high speed and with great force, with one of the vehicles leaving the roadway and plowing into a gathering of onlookers. Image courtesy of the author

After receiving a call soon before midnight, Metro Police Senior Superintendent Parboo Sewpersad said officers rushed, but while on the scene, they received a second call reporting a car collision at the same place, which prompted them to dispatch more officers.

Sewpersad said that in these kind of operations, specialized police and a large number of police officers will be involved, and that they do not have the necessary personnel to patrol the whole province of eThekwini.

"In order to cope with the needs of the city, such as drag racing, it is necessary for the metro police to be better prepared." Drag racing has always been popular in the region. "A large number of regions are vulnerable," Sewpersad said.

"Now, who from the home would wake up and come out and become spectators?" says the author. Obviously, this is a well-organized operation, but it is also unlawful. In accordance with the Gathering Act 205 of 1993, it is prohibited. According to the National Road Traffic Act, it is unlawful to stage an unauthorized event on a public road or a portion of a public road."

Sewpersad asked that the cars that were being utilized be detained so that additional investigations could be conducted on them.

Furthermore, Facebook users are split regarding who is to blame for the crash as a result of the event.

"There is something really wrong if people are attempting to explain the irresponsible and negligent behavior of these individuals, who all had a role in the disaster," Avidesh Raghubar said. They were all involved in an unlawful and perhaps deadly .

Shanelle Alexandria is a young woman who lives in the United States. "Races have definitely been taking place there for more than 20 years," Samuel said. Those who participate in racing and those who attend races are well aware of the dangers. However, in this particular instance, it was not the person who was 'racing' who was to blame. It seems likely that the driver of the white van would have caused an accident even if he or she had not been racing."

In the words of Thina Ncayiyana, "I enjoy it when people suddenly defend drag racing, who was right, who was wrong... blah blah blah... " I'm not Chinese, I'm from Taiwan, and that's complete nonsense. It should not have occurred in the first place, but hey, we're in Mzansi, and the cops are aware of the situation but are doing nothing about it."

"First and foremost, the robot was green, giving the BMW the right of way. As for the white van, it was unlawful for it to do so on an intersection robot..." Julian Pillay said. "Also, driving around in circles with a large van."

"Well, that's what you get for being a braggart and being irresponsible...," Shannon Way said. Is it possible to make donuts in traffic? Sorry for the inconvenience caused to the BMW driver. That's an additional expense for him, since he knows for a fact that the Avanza driver does not have the funds to repair either vehicle."


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