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Soweto Residents Were Spotted Doing This On The N1

Soweto residents have taken their protest over electricity to the N1 freeway, disrupting traffic in both directions between Randshow and Diepkloof, south of Johannesburg. This is the very same group that is responsible for illegal connections but it seems like they do not even feel guilty about it and instead they think it’s their right to protest now that the illegal connections have been cut.

Some people are busy paying for the same electricity that they are stealing, they are not even guilty of disrupting people who pay for their electricity when they are doing they are protests that are very unnecessary. The funny part is there the ones who vote for the ANC then next thing they want to act as if they deserve better when they are the very same people who vote for a party that does not serve them the way they want to.

The problem with these people is that they want everything to be free and yet the world can never ever be like that, even if they vote for another party the same thing will happen meaning if they do not want to stand up and work for themselves then they must just forget about getting stuff for free and continue living the way they are.


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