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Traditional healer warned people about money

A traditional healer posted a picture of money wrapped with a rope on Facebook to warn people about how many can destroy people's lives. He wrote this on his timeline, read below:

"As i use to tell many people that money has destroyed many peoples lives. 

Be aware of who you giving the cent you have. Cause many people use to ask them selves about this situation the facing your working and getting paid every month or weekly and fortnight but still no achievement in their own life. You will spend the money unconditionally and don't see where it goes, money just vanish in your hands you will work for your friends and alcohol but to do good things forget. please and it's December time we all going for vacations we going different places where the will be those kinda people who will be asking for Coke you know in state of giving them money for coke just go buy it your self. You will work for loanshacks (mashonisa) "

People seemed to be aware of this ritual and testified that it is dangerous, however some said there is no such thing if they came across this, they would take the money and spend it.

Comment with your views on this matter, does this really exists, have you ever been a victim of such?


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