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Weather Warnings for the next three days have been issued. These areas will be affected.

Unfortunately Some South Africans will be experiencing bad weather for the next three days. As the South African Weather Services have issued two separate warnings. Below I will go into details about these warnings, but first remember to share this article to help other find the information. Here are all the details.

Today (15/12/21) :

The Weather Warning issued for today is a level two warning for Thunderstorms. The affected areas will be the Eastern Cape.

According to this warning their is a chance of property damage and flooding so I would like to advise people be careful and read up on the safety tips I have listed below.

Thursday and Friday (16/12/21 to 17/12/21) :

The Weather Warning for the following two days is a yellow level two warning for wind. The affected areas will be the Western Cape and the Northern Cape.

While this may primarily affect vessel at sea, it may also affect vehicles with high sides like trucks and buses. There is also a chance of damage to informal settlements and temporary structures.

How to Prepare for thunderstorms :

When it comes to thunderstorms, you need to do everything you can to keep the weather outside your home. Which means covering all leaks in your roof and digging a small trench to redirect water away from your home.

How to prepare for wind :

When it comes to wind, you need to make sure that your home is stable and that string winds won't move or blow it away. Anything that's loose in your yard, like debris or toys need to be moves inside. In both of these cases, make sure that your and your family are also inside as if the storm becomes particularly bad.

If you have any tips to protect people from the weather, share it down below and follow for more news as it happens.

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