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Wear This When Going To Jozi They'll Never Attempt To Rob You.

Wear This When Going To Jozi They'll Never Attempt To Rob You.

Date || 29 June 2022

Source || Twitter


One thing that I think most of us know about Johannesburg CBD is that it's not a safe place at all. You can literally get rob in broad daylight and no one will assist you as they are caring for their own safety as well.

So because of this, people have found different ways to make sure that they don't get robbed while roaming the busy streets of Johannesburg CBD. But, it seems like there's another way you can ensure that you don't get robbed and that is to wear a traditional healers attire. Most people are afraid to rob traditional healers because they know they have the power to do something to back as payback for robbing them. So, because of this, most thieves stay far away from traditional healers.

Photo credit: Twitter

A certain lady on Twitter was the one who posted about wearing a traditional healers attire as a way to protect yourself while in Johannesburg CBD. A lot of people who saw the tweet, however, didn't necessarily agree with this lady because they believe that if you wear that attire, you are sort of calling for your ancestors to pay you a visit and, therefore, demand you become a traditional healer as well.

Photo credit: Twitter

The comment I mentioned above was

quite popular in the comments section but other people had different stuff to say. One said that people are so vile nowadays that they wouldn't be afraid of robbing a traditional healer and, even made an example of what the thieves would say while robbing the traditional healer.

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter 

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