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Crime Scene Or Halloween Display?

A 43 year old man from Dallas, Texas made headlines last year after his neighbours called the police to his home on multiple occasions. His gory Halloween Display which depicted a crime scene prompted the calls from frightened neighbours as the display looked so realistic that neighbours mistook it for a bloody crime scene.

Steve Novak's infamous display name the "Dallas Massacre" may have gotten him visits from the local police but that did not deter him from reconstructing the gory display this October to celebrate Halloween.

The artist and engineer has added to the decor this year. The new gruesome additions include a wood chipper blood fountain, a machine that shoots fake blood across his years, a pool of guts that he made out of painted insulation foam and 55 gallon drums filled with shredded guests (mannequins). Last year's decor is also staying and includes a dummy hanging off the roof.

He has created a series of TikTok videos to give his fan a behind the scene look at the process of creating the fake guts, fake blood and building his display.


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