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Meet The Man at Giyani assaults his goat in public

Appalling occurred at limpopo Giyan, la dzumeri. It was allerged that a man from Maphatha town ka dzumeri , right outside giyani assaulted a goat. Anyway the goat then kicked the bucket after such horrible experience. It was found in the kraal dead. "the guilty party hauled the goat from the kraal ans assaulted it until it passed on.

The impressions of the offender were followed until it entered his home. We as the SPCA will actually want to assist with opening the case lastly have the creature tried against the culprit. The guilty party has in a similar kraal assaulted two goats already" says the spca. Tragically the family, the elderly people ladies who was the proprietor didn't wanto report this make a difference to the police.

Further the suspect was charged by the nearby conventional chamber. What's more he was requested to pay harms on the worth of R1500 and wa given to the dead goat customarily.

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