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She Asked A Guy She Knows To PhotoShop Her Background & This Is What That Guy Did.

Date || 17 January 2022

Source || Twitter


Nowadays, a lot of people like to do some adjustments to their pictures so that they can come across as perfect. These adjustments can be done to their faces, bodies or even the area that they stay at. 

Most recently, some girl on Twitter asked this guy by the name of Rumani to Photoshop her picture. Her picture was basically ruined by her background as, there was a lot of sand there that seems to be from some construction that was done in that area. It ruined her picture as it sort of took over the picture as the sand was very much visible and huge. 

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

That lady, therefore, contacted someone who she knew would help her get rid of the sand in her picture. She, therefore, sent her a message asking for him to get rid of the sand in the background. The guy named Rumani did exactly that but he decided to add some humour to the work that he was doing. Rumani added a tractor to the picture and he made it seem like it was removing the sand from that area. When you look at the picture, you would think that the tractor is really in the picture, which shows that Rumani is good at photoshopping pictures. 

Photo credit: Twitter

After adding the tractor, he removed the sand and the tractor and it almost seemed like there was never any sand in the background of that lady's picture. The photoshop work is so good that the lady can use the picture to post online and no one would even guess that there was ever a mountain of sand in the background.

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

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