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Tembisa lady gets more business to wash blankets.

smangele from Tembisa after being famous on social media becouse of her remarkable business of Washing blankets for people around her community for a certain price her life now changed her life.

After her name was all over social media alot of business owners want to be in partnership with smangele this comes after noticing her remarkable work on social media, new customers are approaching her inorder to get their blankets clean.

There's different price to wash blankets for customer's and more blankets means an individual will have to pay more.

It is such a good moment for smangele that her business now is having more customers and also more people are interested to grow her business to be able to Carter for a high number of people.

Her vision was to always grow the business to the extent that she can be able to employ the unemployed youth, smangele she is indeed the best motivation to other unemployed woman to be able to see that nothing is impossible.

smangele graduated for assistance management course but due to the high rate of unemployment in south Africa she was unable to secure a stable job, but that didn't stop her vision to venture into her dreams

But things have taken a different direction becouse of her energy and also willing to keep the business of Washing blankets going this are the best qualities that makes her great among her peers in her community.

Her dedication and passion for business changed many things for her and also her mind and perspective, she's now able to see new opportunities in her community and be able utilise certain opportunities.

The most interesting thing about smangele is that she's always posting about her great work on social media.

breaking the stigma of ladies being afraid To do business of Washing blankets around their community, as she's working alone sometimes she becomes under pressure as she need more equipment to be able to progress successfully with her business.

According to her passion and dedication in her work to wash blankets more investors will be willing to push her to a more greater business.


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