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Sad| If you Fail to Collect Your Phase1 SRD R350 before This date It will be Forfeited


Numerous people have inquired about what will happen to those who did not claim their phase one payments after the restoration of SRD R350. However, they were given until July 30th, 2021 by the government to collect their money. Some people have failed to collect their money for a variety of reasons. 

The great news is that the department of social development is allowing people who did not claim their phase one payments to do so once again.. In part, this is due to the large number of people who failed to claim their money when it was due to them. The minister of social development, Lindiwe Zulu, made the announcement at a press conference held yesterday. 

You must, however, make sure that you claim your payments before November 30th, 2021, if you are one of the people who have not yet done so. You will lose your money if you don't make a claim within the allotted time period. Your money will be distributed among the various departments. See the following article for further information: 


There were a lot of people who didn't know about the bank payment option and hence couldn't get their money. They had to wait all night in line at the post office to get their money back, which is a difficult process for anyone. People must quit using the postal payment option now that the bank payment option has been available, in order to save time going to the post office. Due to the fact that many do not observe all safety precautions at the post office, this will help minimize the spread of Corona. 

Those who don't claim their grant by the deadline are showing that they don't need it, thus the government should stop paying them. What are your personal feelings on the matter? In your opinion, will cutting off assistance to individuals who fail to claim them on time be just? Please share your thoughts in the space provided.


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