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Uzalo: See how Sobhuza(Big Zulu) will Kill Kotini

Kotini suspects that Sobhuza has been feeding Nkunzi information about their plans and Mageba and Kotini already know that Sobhuza and Nkunzi are best buddies.

Kotini personally asked Mageba to let him keep an eye on Sobhuza and asked for permission to kill him if he is up to any tricks.

Mageba and the association are on top of a plan to get rid of Nkunzi but Nkunzi is on a plan to try and get back into the association.

Sobhuza usually alerts Nkunzi about what Mageba is planning maybe Kotini will catch Sobhuza in act and try to report him to Mageba.

Mageba told Sobhuza that he will not hesitate to kill him even if he is his sister's son. Sobhuza has to be careful whenever he is going to see Nkunzi because he is now being watched closely by the association.

Will Kotini succeed on his mission to catch Sobhuza and Nkunzi in act. Sobhuza could find out what is happening and see that the association no longer trusts him and he will join forces with Nkunzi.

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