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OPINION: Vote wisely if you want service delivery, We all need the Municipal who works for the people.

Vote is the only way to push municipal to work for the people, we see this everytime when Election dates are coming. Everything will definitely go by the rules. And many people will say our municipal care about them, and forget about yesterday and years ago. History will always judge the future, till the community see what is happening around the municipal mind. Elections will always have something good to talk about. The reality is not much is going right, community will keep on crying about something.. After election everything goes back to normal daily life. What community cry about before, will still be there.

No matter what you think, will only change for elections influence. Until people see everything for the future, nothing will change. Others will always have a Good story to tell. Even if you can see that nothing like that to be share with the same community.

Get out and walk around, the reality of what you voted for before.

Don't forget Election date is November

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