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Social media users call for helps as mother abandoned her baby(help find his parents)

Guys can you please help me make this trend I want the family of this child to see him,his mother dump him eigangageni,for me it's so painful to see this happening futhi abantu basfazane please help until the members of the family finds him. A Facebook user call Bheki Ntetha calls for people to help him find the parents of the child you see in the picture can clearly see that the child was abandoned by his mother, the age and name of the child is still unknown so is the mothers.

Main reason why mother abandoned their kids

Poverty, rape, abuse and lack of documentation. These are some of the many reasons some mothers choose to abandon their babies. Experts say the shocking discovery of a newborn who was rescued alive from inside a stormwater drain in Durban this week, highlights an ongoing crisis that needs to be addressed urgently.

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Bheki Ntetha


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