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74 Year Old Woman Living in a Car for 5 Years Pack into a New House Given to Her

People should never give up hope no matter what the situation is because there is always a glimmer of hope at the end of every dark tunnel. Because of this, people should always remain optimistic. Praying a little bit, having patience, and putting in a lot of effort can possibly turn things around for the better.

Madam Nonkululeko Nqulwana is one of those individuals who has been successful as a result of their efforts. Her tale gained widespread attention after news correspondents from Newzroom Africa discussed the fact that she has been living in a car at Orange Farm with her nephew for the past five years.

Through the help of Newzroom Africa, Nonkululeko was able to make contact with the Collen Mashawana Foundation, and the latter organization offered to give her with temporary housing.

A report that came in earlier today from the desk of Newsroom Africa reported that a pensioner named Madam Nonkululeko Nqulwana has finally packed her belongings and moved into a new home that was donated to her by the Mashawana Foundation.

In 1996, Nqulwana submitted a request to purchase a house. The Collen Mashawana Foundation is going to be presenting her with some donated furnishings today.

In a video that went viral on the internet, an ecstatic senior citizen of 74 years old could be seen dancing and applauding her new neighbors as they helped her pack items inside the building.

This is an encouraging turn of events, and we have high hopes that the government of South Africa will take the necessary steps to guarantee that senior citizens have access to mobile housing.

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