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Rip | here are some of the pictures of lost Souls at east London.

Twitter was left in shock after seeing the pictures of the young souls that were lost at East London. Below are the pictures of the young souls , may their soul rest in peace.

above are the pictures of the young souls who lost their lives at the tragic that happened in East London. It is said that they were celebrating pens down at Enyobeni in East London. The owner wanted to close but they refused to go. The owner closed doors because people were forcing themselves in and out. A 17 year old who is one of the survivors said that it all started when they sprayed pepper spray in and everyone started to panic , they started to run out of air . They struggled to breath . Mind you everything was free on that event. What hurts the most is that , two of her friends died in his arms and she fainted aswell and woke up after few hours. The cause of death is not yet known.

22 of doctors , lawyers , businessman and woman etc are lost. What has become of our nation.

May they rest in peace.

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