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Police officers caught on camera assaulting a White man who tried to report a missing to them


These days it it hard to tell who is wrong between the police and the people who are being punished by them. A video has been making headlines from early hours of this morning, after a white man was beaten by two black officers. It is alleged that the white man called the officers trying to report a missing person.

Upon arrival he was beaten heavily, his relatives took out their cellphones to record everything. While officers were busy attacking the man from the ground. One of his relative tried to use a pepper spray on one of the officer unfortunately he became scared after seeing how his buddy was beaten. The two brutal officers removed their jackets, while beating up the man. The anger they showed via the video proved that the white man was on the wrong and he was not ready to admit it.

They tried to get him at the back of the van, however man was unable to walk again. The woman taking the video in the background can be heard shouting that the white man did not do anything. All he tried to do was to report a missing person. Do you believe their statement, leave your comments below and share the article.

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