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Road Accident

"Some people kept drinking while others were dying" A lady shares what took place in Enyobeni Tarven



The tragic accident that took place at Enyobeni Tarven has raised many questions. Not only did parents lose their children, but the whole world lost future leaders. A young lady who was interviewed by News Africa. She did reveal a lot of information. After seeing the video, people were not happy. They felt like drinking aloha was a normal thing. She went on to say they continued drinking while others were laying down fighting for their lives. 




So sad. From the way she speaks and her facial expression, you can see that at such a young age, she is gone.


Our young people are totally lost. One wonders what will become of them when the time to take over the reins comes.


She is clearly not touched by the deaths; it is business as usual.


The problem is that in South Africa, when rules are continuously being broken, the authorities know about it, but when tragedy happens, they are quick to distance themselves and talk about the rules. That is totally hypocritical.


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