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Hilarious Ways Criminals Break Into People's Houses.

Hospital criticizing the way things are breaking into many people's houses saying that this must be the South African wife, because most people what we have in common is that criminals will be breaking into our houses.

And instead of beating them up sometimes you pick them up but sometimes we feel sorry for them when they get hurt, especially when the Mob Justice is really real but anyone can tell it's so common that most South Africans know exactly where criminals day in the neighborhood and who criminals are.

This is one of the most common ways for thieves to break in They smash the bottom of your kitchen or front door . It doesn't take much effort to get in , especially with stable doors Try and get a heavy duty latch that you can install at the bottom and top of your entrance doors .

It isn't a full proof plan but definitely makes it more difficult for them to break in, You should also consider getting longer screws or bits for the hinges on your doors .

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